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What is Guggul?

With so many companies and products claiming to have found a “natural” way to become healthy it really is no wonder why consumers have to be a little more cautious these days.  Guggul  is just one of the new fads to come into the diet world as a way of reducing cholesterol and becoming more fit and healthy.  Guggul is a plant and the Guggul extract is referring to the resin, or secretion that is very viscous in nature coming from the Guggul plant.  The extract from the Guggul plant is often referred to as Guggulsterones or the pure steroid extract from the plant.  Several studies conducted over the past years have been reviewed and published that lean toward Guggul and Guggulsterones being ineffective cholesterol reducers while other studies disagree.  Some hold to the belief that Guggul and Guggulsterones have health benefits for ailments such as arthritis, hemorrhoids, UT infections, and weight loss.  These have not been proven one way or the other.

Research on Guggul is not conclusive but some do show that Guggul has benefits such as tumor suppression and that Guggul can help reduce pain from osteoarthritis.  Again, no conclusive findings have been made. 

Guggul Positives

Guggul has the potential to aid in tumor suppression or even elimination.  Guggul has also been shown to lower “bad” cholesterol levels and Guggul is rather inexpensive.

 Guggul Negatives

Guggul may have side effects that include headache, skin irritation, nausea, and thyroid stimulation which can reveal itself in a variety of ways.  Consult with a physician if you are going to take high dosages of Guggul or have a history of thyroid issues.  There are certain medications such as antidepressants and others are advised not to take Guggul or Guggulsterones.  Products that contain Guggul often can contain high amounts of caffeine so be aware of this if you happen to be sensitive to high amounts of caffeine or energy drinks.

Guggul Conclusion

Guggul is more likely to receive more and more attention as studies are conducted to see all the possibilities that Guggul has.  As of right now, Guggul is not the best ingredient for weight loss supplements, but Guggul has such a variety of benefits we just may see Guggul more and more.  Many people who are looking for a diet supplement with good ingredients are looking for those ingredients that burn fat and suppress appetite.  Well, Guggul does not do either of those as far as is known.  There are many out there who just want to have a healthier body that functions more efficiently and Guggul just may be for these people.  Guggul is most likely to benefit those who are looking to start a weight loss regimen and just get into shape.  As always, just make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and healthy eating and then when you add things like Guggul you will be much more satisfied with results.

"2011's Top Rated Diet Pills"

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#2. Phenphedrine


Phenphedrine was originally made to be a prescription diet pill, but was changed a little so that it could be sold over the counter. Phenphedrine was the original diet pill that was designed to isolate Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript (C-A-R-T). Because of its effectiveness several other diet pills have added compounds to do the same thing, but none have been as effective as Phenphedrine.

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#3. 7 Day-Detox

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